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Born in Aug 20, 1981, Diaolei picked up the drum sticks in his early teen. Due to the limitation of condition, this passionate young drummer had to ride on a bicycle for two and half hour everyday to his uncle’s factory, in order to find a place to practice drumming without being complained by neighbors. After working deadly hard on chops and techniques, and learning from different kind of music for years, Diaolei developed himself as a versatile drummer with great dynamics and virtuosity.

In 2000, Diaolei got a call from a local famous band Honey Gun, hence he joined the band till now. With the band touring around the area, Diaolei drew much attention from both audiences and producers. Not long after Dieolei joining in Honey Gun, the band recorded 3 singles and his playing was highly appreciated by professionals.

Because of his outstanding behavior in Honey Gun, Diaolei obtained bigger reputation in rock music scene. He started getting calls from other bands like Overload, Spring and Fall, Heaven. As a hard worker ever, Diaolei either worked with these bands as live drummer or played in the studio as session player. Meanwhile, Diaolei was also a well-known drummer among the young generation of session drummers. He appeared in a bunch of big-shots’ albums, such as Pushu, Zhouxun, Shuimunianhua, Zhengjun, Laolang, etc.

Diaolei is experienced in playing live, his live performance is profoundly influenced by rock giants from Tommy Lee to Chat Smith. As a new generation, Diaolei blows off your mind with his unbelievable double bass blast, delights your eyes with stick tricks, rocks your soul with his every single confident hit. 100 gigs per year is rarely seen among the new generation of Chinese drummers, no mention numerous sessions.

Dieolei currently is working on his own project Honey Gun, the band is gonna record the debut album in the coming months, and a Malaysia、Taiwan tour is on the schedule afterward. Except for Honey Gun, Diaolei will also appear in the lineup of Overload’s unplugged concert, Zhengjun’s Beijing Stadium concert, Overload 4th album, Heaven’s 5th album, Spring and Fall’s album. Diaolei quite enjoys the heavy schedule as a busy drummer, his whole life is dedicated into what makes life larger and louder.




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